Nectar and the Open Ads Protocol

2 min readApr 18


Because product discovery is nearly non-existent in web3, a native solution that embraces the core tenets of the space is necessary.

That’s why we founded the Open Ads Protocol.

The Open Ads Protocol is an open, permissionless and sufficiently decentralized protocol for connecting advertisers and publishers to distribute and monetize their products. It is the underlying foundation that will power Nectar and hopefully all of advertising in web3.

Nectar is a web3-native in-game rewards platform that helps web3 game developers make more money and web3 marketers reach more customers. Game developers can reward their users in the game’s native currency for participating in 3rd-party offers in a web3-native way. It was created as the proof-of-concept product for the Open Ads Protocol.

There are entire product categories that can be built on such an open graph for ads. They range from advertising networks, optimization and automation tools, analytics tools, bad actor protection and much more. Each category needs to be rewritten for the decentralized web and a common protocol to address the troves of data being produced will streamline the adoption of a better way to digitally distribute web3 native products.

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